Ashodra Jaishika Gautam

Pharmacist, Ministry of Health and Medical Services


Ashodra Gautam is a registered pharmacist and has been in service with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for 15 years. She acquired her Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from the Fiji School of Medicine in 2008. In 2009, she joined Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) as an Intern Pharmacist and worked there till July 2018. During her work career at CWM hospital, she has been actively involved in clinical pharmacy services, oncology pharmacy services and antimicrobial stewardship programs. In 2013, she was a fellow at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney for 3 months under Clinical Oncology Services. She has been an active participant and secretariat of the CWM Hospital Medicines and Therapeutics Committee, Respiratory Guideline Review Committee and Antibiotic Guideline Review Committee. Currently, she is based at the Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services Centre as the Principal Pharmacist for Essential Medicines Authority. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing and managing the procurement and distribution of essential medicines for the public health sector in Fiji.