Achieving Access and Affordability in a Changing World
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From 6 to 8 February 2024, the Department of Health Products Policy and Standards (HPS), within the Access to Medicines and Health Products Division of the World Health Organization (WHO), will be organizing the 4th Fair Pricing Forum. This event will take place virtually.


In 2019, World Health Assembly Resolution WHA72(8) Improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health products requested the WHO Director-General, among other requests, “to continue WHO’s efforts to biennially convene the Fair Pricing Forum with Member States and all relevant stakeholders to discuss the affordability and transparency of prices and costs relating to health products”.

The 2024 Forum will be held under this mandate to continue the tradition of encouraging rich dialogue among various stakeholders, following the first Forum in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2017, the second Forum in Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2019, and the third Forum held virtually (co-hosted with Argentina) in 2021.

The Forum’s goal is to ensure that WHO Member States and stakeholders better understand existing approaches and emerging policies to address issues pertaining to market transparency and affordability of essential medicines and health products. The Forum also provides a platform for Member States and stakeholders to identify current and emerging health system challenges and to provide proposals to mitigate potential risks threatening optimal access to affordable health products and progress towards Universal Health Coverage.

Fair Pricing Forum 2024 Meeting Objectives


  1. To share experiences between participants about existing and planned efforts to enhance market transparency across the pharmaceutical value chain, with reference to WHA72.8, 2019.
  2. To assess current and emerging health system challenges for ensuring optimal access to affordable health products.
  3. To discuss with all stakeholders current and future potential policies and strategies for improving the affordability of essential medicines and essential health products, in light of current trends and initiatives as well as with reference to the themes that emerged from the 2021 Forum.

WHO Code of Conduct

WHO is committed to enabling events at which everyone can participate in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment.

Our Speakers

Speakers at the 2024 Fair Pricing Forum include:

Andrew Mirelman

Technical Officer, World Health Organization Headquarters

Dr Alejandro Ernesto Svarch Pérez

Head of Commission, Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks

Dr Daniela Marreco Cerqueira

Executive Secretary, Medicines Market Regulation Committee (SCMED), Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency [ANVISA]

Anchalee Jitruknatee

Division of National Drug Policy, Food and Drug Administration, Thailand