Ellen F. M. ‘t Hoen

Director of Medicines Law & Policy (ML&P)


Ellen ‘t Hoen (1960) is the director of Medicines Law & Policy (ML&P), a group of legal and policy experts offering advice to international organizations, NGOs and governments. ML&P regularly publishes briefing documents and commentaries on legal and policy developments in the field of medicines.  ML&P also maintains a public database of the use of TRIPS flexibilities for public health purposes. She is the founder and former executive director of the Medicines Patent Pool. She is also a Global Health Law Fellow at the law faculty of the University of Groningen.

She has published widely and is the author of several books. In 2017 she received the Prix Prescrire for her book “Private Patents and Public Health: Changing intellectual property rules for public health.” In 2020, she was appointed Officer of the Order of Oranje-Nassau, a Dutch royal award given in recognition of her work on access to medicines.

She has a master’s degree in law from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD from the University of Groningen.