Momir Radulović

Slovenian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency


Momir Radulović leads the Slovenian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency since Dec 2018. He is a member European Medicines Agency Management Board, a member of EC Pharmaceutical Committee, a member of Heads of Medicines Management Group and EURIPID Board of Participants Chair. His previous work experience includes Hospital, Community Pharmacy and Pharma industry, where his work focused on oncology medicines, HIV, vaccines, and in vitro diagnostics. By living in 6 and working in 10 different countries with diverse health systems and cultural environments and through different work areas, projects, and assignments he has learned to adapt swiftly to changes and to seize the opportunities that those can offer. 

From Regulatory point of view, he is on a sweet spot for Policy impact, where his work focus is on availability, accessibility and affordability agenda, with many different but very important topics like Critical medicines list, Open strategic autonomy, Sustainability, Treatment optimization, Pull incentives for antimicrobials, Repurposing, Solidarity mechanism, …