Salomé Meyer

GAVI Civil Society Constituency Steering Committee

South Africa

  • Qualified as a Social Worker at University of Pretoria 1981 BA(SW), BA (Medical
    Social Work) Hons (US) 1982 and obtained a M.Soc Sci (UCT) degree in 1988.
  • Involved in Cancer Advocacy since 1996 – first as an advisor, then an
    advocate, with specific focus on cancer policies and cancer registration and
    lately as an activist in Human Rights Based Cancer Care
  • Serves on the Board of Directors of the Cancer Alliance
  • Member of the Member of SANCD Alliance
  • Member of Fix the Patent Law Coalition and Steering Committee
  • Project Coordinator for Legal Framework Research collaboration between
    Cancer Alliance, CANSA, University of Witwatersrand and Kings College.
  • Project Manager for Cancer Alliance Access to Medicine Campaign
    Focussing on equitable and affordable access of cancer medicines.
  • Published the Access to Medicine report
  • Published the Cost of Cancer report
  • Published the Analysis of Oncology benefits offered by 10 medical schemes in
    South Africa report
  • Serve on Medicine Patent Pool Community Advisory Panel
  • Member of the UNITAID NGO Delegation
  • Member of WE CAN (Women’s Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network for
  • Serve on the Steering Committee of ACHA (African Cervical Health Alliance)
  • Selected as member of GAVI Civil Society Constituency Steering Committee
    from Jan 2024