Parallel Session 2: Strengthening pharmaceutical supply resilience for times of crisis: ensuring access and affordability

This session offers a global perspective on crafting resilient pharmaceutical pricing and supply policies amidst disease outbreaks and economic crises. Panellists will draw from real-world case studies, highlighting critical themes, such as shortages, trade restrictions, hoarding, and off-label use. Delving into issues of affordability, accessibility, and equitable access, the session addresses measures taken by governments, industry, and implementing partners to ensure medicines are accessible to all, even in emergencies. Additionally, it explores regulatory complexities related to the inclusion of new medicines within an environment of rapidly evolving evidence. The panel will also examine challenges in rural access, resilience in the face of climate change, and unique supply issues in small markets during health crises. With an eye to the future, experts will define top-priority activities on how to ensure affordability and access by strengthening global pharmaceutical supply chain resilience.


Session Material:

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