Parallel Session 5: Advancing accessibility and affordability of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics by bridging the information gap and complexity

Following the 2021 Fair Pricing Forum, this session will further discuss market dynamics, pricing strategies and national policy approaches, highlighting the persistent lack of pricing information for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. We’ll spotlight key findings from recent WHO surveys, focusing on medical device pricing for non-communicable diseases. Moreover, we’ll delve into the recent impactful WHA76 resolutions, which seek to bolster diagnostics capacity and improve access to life-saving medical oxygen . Responding to WHO’s call for dialogue on the availability and affordability of diagnostics, medical oxygen, and related medical devices, this session will underscore the need for standardized nomenclature, supporting the WHA75(25) decision, to facilitate greater access. Join our panel of experts in this dynamic conversation aimed at shaping global access to essential health technologies.